Frequently Asked Questions

Will you charge me if I contact you? No. Please do contact a member to give us the opportunity of listening to you and helping you work out what the best next steps are.
None of us will charge for an initial telephone call or email.

Do you offer free first meetings?
If we can, we will. Members of this group are committed to absolute transparency when it comes to fees so please ask, if we have not already offered the information.

How do I start things off?
Pick up the phone. Call or email any of our members. Tell us where you got our name and we will do the rest, helping you assess your problem and work out the best way to resolve it for you.

Will my partner know I’ve contacted you?
Absolutely not. If you think your partner has access to your email it is better to use a different email address or telephone us from a confidential area.

Do I commit to anything by contacting you?
No. We are all happy to have a chat to you about your situation.

I’m not sure what I want
That’s fine. We’re quite used to it and many people who think they know what they want change their mind after discussing it with a professional. If you can explain your problem or how you are feeling, we can help you identify what you need to do.

Can you protect me, my children and my money?
Yes. This is what we do. We will protect you, your family and your money until the problems are resolved.

I don’t want to go to Court
Please see our option pages. We will discuss these with you and work out the best way for you to proceed.

How much will it all cost?
We will give you clear breakdowns of your potential costs, update you frequently and discuss all your options with you. Court fees are currently £410 to lodge a petition and £245 to initiate financial proceedings.