Individual divorce solutions for individual people

There is a cliche of families separating over Christmas and of New Year’s Resolutions that you will finally leave the partner who is driving you wild (not in a good way). The papers love to trot out the statistics and some matrimonial surveys are timed in order to maximise the marketing opportunities of ‘D Day’, the day on which divorce practitioners are most likely to receive a telephone call from a new client.

An individual shouldn’t feel like a statistic. Their personal circumstances are individual to them. Whatever has happened in their lives bringing them to the door of a professional is their own personal story, not another casualty of Christmas.

This is an important message which is fundemantal to the way Access Collaborative Lawyers members work. We are a group of professionals who want to understand the needs of the person in front of us. Having taken the time to understand them, we will tailor an action plan which will make things manageable in the short term and solve the issues in the long term. We do not have a set way of handling a problem and are able to draw on the wide variety of skills available among our group members.

If you would like to be in touch with a member of Access Collaborative Law, please don’t be afraid. We pledge not to mention statistics or the January blues!